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Revive Ministries
P.O. Box 57 
Cass City  MI  48726 

Monthly Food Pantry

Taking donations :
Financial*, Clothes, Household Items
In kind donation receipt available.
  *We can buy up to $14.00 of food with every $1.00 donation

Revive is saving VG's receipts,
we can get points for money.
Please turn into Cass City Missionary Church Office.


  Monthly Food Pantry
 Read the requirements.

 A schedule of the services.

  Children's Fun Fair Info
 Fun Fair with inflatables, food,
 fun & fun.



  Find a Church
 Need help to find a church that
 fits you.

  How Can I Help
 Volunteers or donations
 (financial or clothes/household


Read the latest Revive CC news
 and information every month.

  Flyer Information
 Print a flyer. *.pdf format.

Past Sponsors/Staff
 Who have making this event

Listen to Archive
 Online archive of services.



REVIVECC is an independent
 ministry founded by Cass City Missionary Church.
We are helped by many
denominations and
promote new life in Christ Jesus for those who don't believe
 and encourage and strengthen
those that already believe.
      We will encourage all
to find a church that fits them.

Our intent is to build the body of Christ.


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